Eventbrite - REST Fest 2013


Thursday - Hack Day


M2M Work Order Hypermedia

The hack day will center around a new media type designed for machine-to-machine interactions. The work order media type is pretty generic in nature, and falls under the domain of "workflow" or "job control". We will create robots that perform various tasks on behalf of the server that passes out work as it becomes available.

Erik Mogensen

Lunch Lunch    
7 PM - until
GitHub Drink Up @ Liberty Taproom - we're excited to welcome GitHub to the Greenville area! They're hosting one of their renowned Drink Ups at Liberty Taproom at 941 South Main St. Greenville, SC

Friday - Stack Demo Day & Main Event

Stack Day is a new addition this year!

REST and Hypermedia APIs are made up of many moving parts, and often those get overlooked or undervalued. We wanted to give developers and API designers the chance to pitch and explain their approaches.

Check-in & Coffee  
Demos of HTTP clients, servers, formats, etc.
Various Attendees

Describing the Possible with ALPS
by Mike Amundsen

This talk covers the Application-Level Profile Semantics or ALPS (2013) IDL format. ALPS is designed to describe problem domains in ways that allow both client and server to "understand" and "code-for" all the possible transitions and data elements without having to constrain a server to a single workflow or implementation. ALPS is both protocol- and media type-agnostic; you can use the same IDL document to implement the solution using HTML for HTTP and Siren for WS. Servers are free to create their own solutions within the problem domain with a high degree of confidence and any client that also understands the same ALPS description will be able to successfully interact with that server - even if they have never "met" each other before. 

Is this possible? Does it solve a real problem? Let's find out!

Five-in-Five Talks (about 15)
Various Attendees
4:30-6:30 Dinner Break - wander Main St.  
6:30 PM Coffee Bar opens!
  The Main Event Begins  
6:30-7:00 Additional Check-in Time
7:00-7:30 Opening Remarks

Keynote - REST is Just the Beginning

Deciding to build systems with REST isn't an endpoint. It isn't even really a goal. It is means to an end and a doorway to resource-oriented thinking. Hypermedia and Uniform Interfaces give us loosely-coupled and predictable systems but push the complexity of data integration to the client. The economic cost of integrating multiple sources remains high. Thin resource abstractions end at the HTTP boundary.

What are some patterns that emerge from thinking in resources? How can we reduce the economic cost of integration? What would a resource-oriented computing environment look like? This talk will be a quick journey through some next level thinking about REST, the Semantic Web, Linked Data and a resource-oriented software platform.

Brian Sletton
8:30-???? Hack Room Pitches & Hacking   
8:30-???? Table top games with Leonard Richardson  

Saturday - Main Conference

8AM-5PM Hack Rooms open all day

8:00-8:30 Morning Coffee  

LCODC$SSU and the coming automated Web

by Leonard Richardson

If you think the Y2K fizzle and the bursting of the dot-com bubble spelled the end of excitement on the World Wide Web, you won't believe what the future has in store! Leonard Richardson is the outspoken CTO of Outerweb, one of Fast Company's "20 Startups That Might Survive The Year 2000." In this whirlwind talk, he will use the humble origin of the World Wide Web as a window into the future, mixing historical fact with the latest research out of the University of California at Irvine. You'll see what the Web might look like in 2010--and the pitfalls that stand in our way.



9:45-12:00 Morning FiveInFive Talks (about 7)
Speakers TBD


Smart Hypermedia Clients
by David Zülke

The better designed a media type, the easier it becomes for a client library to provide easy access to resources and links. The more generic a media type, the harder it is to figure out what is going on, but one has to start somewhere. This talk starts out assuming an ideal scenario, drafts up some ideas on how a cleverly designed client library can make an API consumer's life easier, and will then (depending on the mood of speaker and audience alike) transition either into a rant about generic media types or a more detailed discussion about real life trade-offs.

2:00-3:30 Afternoon FiveInFive Talks (about 6)
Speakers TBD
3:30-3:45 Break  
3:45-5:00 Afternoon FiveInFive Talks (about 6)
Speakers TBD
5:00-5:30 Closing Remarks

7:00 PM

After Party