Eventbrite - REST Fest 2013

Women in Tech Scholarship

REST Fest's first "Women in Tech" scholarship program, conceived by RESTful Web APIs  co-author Leonard Richardson and open source community manager Sumana Harihareswara, will bring three women developers to the conference.

In the past our attendance (like most tech conferences) has been mostly men. Last year, we saw a rise in women attending--making up about 10% of last year's audience.

The kindness of our donors has allowed us to invite and pay for the travel, hotel, and ticket expenses of three women chosen by our scholarship selection committee.

This year's scholarship beneficiaries are:

We are excited to welcome these talented individuals to REST Fest and look forward to their input and involvement in our "open conference" style format. REST Fest is a conference where everyone speaks, and we look forward to hearing what these developers have to say.

Scholarship Committee

Special thanks go to our scholarship committee who helped us build a list of nominees and select this years recipients:

Scholarship Donors

This year's scholarships were made possible by Leonard Richardson and Sumana Harihareswara, Github, and an anonymous donor.